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We are your business partners protecting your assets, and your ability to grow your assets, today and tomorrow.

“Protecting what’s important to you, your family and your business.”

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Financial Services

Cornerstone Financial offers a variety of services that you need to take advantage of. Your finances are the backbone of your day to day living. Make sure they’re in good hands.

Life Insurance

Knowledge is power. Life Insurance is your foundation of financial planning providing security for the ones you love, just like the foundation of your home. The first step in finding the policy that’s right for you and understanding why you need it.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance is a living benefit that protects you in case of the unexpected. Critical Illness Insurance is based on the simple principle of protecting you in an unforeseen time of need. Illness can and will take a toll emotionally and financially, but we can help make sure the financial burden of treatment is easier to manage for you and your loved ones.

Debt Insurance

The loss of a loved one is a devastating event; debt insurance provides protection for your loved ones so they are not left with the burden of your financial debt.

Disability Insurance

Whether the result of accidental injury or illness, a disability can prevent you from earning a living. Disability Insurance provides you with an income should you become disabled and unable to support your family while still maintaining your lifestyle and or sustaining your business.

Retirement Planning

Ensuring your retirement is everything you have imagined, cocktails on a sandy beach or a beautiful day on the golf course? To help make these dreams a reality requires careful planning and wise financial decisions throughout the course of the your life. However, even the most meticulously crafted financial plan can be derailed by the costs of long-term care. Let us help you secure financial freedom in your golden years!

Health & Dental Benefits

Cornerstone Financial offers a variety of personal and group life and health insurance solutions designed to protect you and your family or even employees’ health and well being; with flexible coverage and competitive rates, we can help design specific plans tailored to your needs to keep you protected for years to come. Your health is one of life’s greatest gifts, make sure you are taking care of it.

Local Business

Cornerstone Family

Cornerstone Financial is Grande Prairie and area’s number one choice for personal, business and commercial insurance needs. While some brokers specialize in contracts, paperwork, and legalese, we specialize in people. As an active member in the community of Grande Prairie, we make it our duty to find out what matters most to you most and help you protect it.

Be it your family, health, home, car, boat or business; all of your insurance needs can be managed for ultimate peace of mind. Taking the time to get to know who you are and what’s important to you, securing your financial freedom and protection.

From your family, personal assets to businesses; your interests deserve the best protection. It’s as simple as calling Cornerstone Financial — or dropping by our office for a cup of coffee as we chat about your needs.  Cornerstone Financial is always on hand to answer any questions you might have. Let’s get you covered!

Planning Is Security


Learn how you can plan for the inevitable events that life throws your way.

Estate Planning

Statistics don’t lie when it comes to how many hard-working Albertan’s have yet to start planning. The most pertinent reason for this procrastination is failing to understand what a comprehensive estate plan can accomplish. Even a relatively simple estate plan provides for the management of your wealth while you are alive and the distribution of your assets upon passing.

Retirement Planning

Can you be sure that your retirement will be everything you dreamed it will be? Travel, spending time with your loved ones with not a care in the world… sounds like a dream, right? Retirement Planning with Cornerstone Financial works for you, when you start living your dream.

Financial Planning

Do you feel you could be doing more to enhance your financial future? Whether you’re just starting out or protecting what you’ve already achieved, you’re in the right place. We are here to get you where you want and need to be for your future.

Debt & Finance Advice

You work hard for your money, however most people run out of money before their next payday. If you are tired of living month to month, come see us at Cornerstone Financial. Budgeting can be a simple process to see where your money goes, ensuring it goes where you want it to go. Cornerstone Financial helps you make budgeting a habit, good or bad – good habits allow you to start creating your dreams.


Trust Planning

Your last will and testament provide the foundation for your comprehensive estate plan, you will likely incorporate additional documents and strategies into your plan to ensure that all your estate planning goals and objectives are reached. One of the most common additions to an estate plan is a living trust. Cornerstone Financial is dedicated to helping you create a living trust that is tailored to your unique needs and estate planning goals.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Knowing your financial worth is the starting point to all financial planning. Budgeting is a process whereby you determine where your money is going on a monthly basis. This helps you to analyze and forecast your financial future. In turn, allowing you to plan accordingly. Cornerstone Financial works hard to make sure that your financial future is predictable and protected.

Cornerstone Financial understands you.

We Get It

Insurance is often the last thing on your mind until something happens. Then there’s always the regret of not having something in place that could lessen the load of your situation.

We’re here to make sure that you are covered, at an affordable rate that fits your budget.


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