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The countdown is on to your dream vacation, the finest restaurants, the best tours in one of your chosen destinations finest resorts. But, have you thought of everything?

In an instant, a bad street meat taco or unexpected accident while on one of those epic tours can be financially devastating. Traveling without travel insurance when the unexpected happens can leave you with a feeling of hopelessness.

Expenses related to various medical and paramedical services can reach thousands of dollars per day and may put your financial stability at risk. The savings of a lifetime could easily disappear within hours!

Enjoy worry-free travel by making sure to purchase travel insurance before you leave. The few dollars you will spend are worth every penny. Don’t let your dream destination turn into a disaster with some simple preparedness and Cornerstone Financial; whether you are going away for a day or a month rest- easy knowing you are protected and return home with tacky tourist t-shirts in tow!

In most cases, it only takes a few minutes to set up a simple protection policy for yourself and your family. Call us at Cornerstone Financial – or come in for a cup of coffee to ensure you and your bank account are protected.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Traveling


  • Take a digital copy of your travel insurance policy and contact information with you
  • Know what you are covered for before you leave
  • Disclose all medical information including medicine on application
  • Know if your Drivers License is valid in the country of travel
  • Take a digital copy of all passports, drivers license, and credit cards
  • Ensure your travel insurance covers emergency medical evacuation coverage
  • Ensure your travel insurance covers repatriation expenses
  • Always ensure someone knows of your day to day travel plans
  • Always check in every day with a family member or friends


  • Attempt any high-risk activities without knowing if you are covered
  • Hide any medical issues on application

Have a safe and happy traveling experience.  Cornerstone Financial Services Ltd offers Travel Insurance to our clients.

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